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Brain Fragments, Post-Thanksgiving Edition

One of my all-time favorite lines? Law & Order: SVU‘s Olivia Benson snarling at a perv: “Is this how you like it, you little freak?”

Bobby (Not) Fooling the Umps

I can’t believe the Red Sox named Bobby Valentine as their manager. Are they looking to displace 25 egos with a single massive one? Would you hire a guy who gets thrown out of a baseball game, only to return to the dugout “disguised” in mustache and shades? On the other hand, this move seems destined to fall on one extreme end of the spectrum or the other–it’ll turn out to be either the genius choice of the decade or a complete disaster. Good luck, Boston–you’re going to need it.

I have absolute no idea why, but not long ago I thought of Rick Moranis in  Ghostbusters the second I opened my eyes one morning. It’s hard to pick my favorite scene–is it his description of the giant Slor, or the moment when the Gatekeeper and the Key Master meet? Or when Sigourney Weaver greets Bill Murray at her door, post-possession, and he deadpans “That’s a good look for you”? Or better still, when she moans “I want you inside me” and he replies “Sounds like there’s too many people in there already”? Having given this my careful consideration, it has to be:

It drives me up a wall to read critics who don’t just slant their coverage of a particular TV show, movie, opera or whatever–they outright distort the work they’re reporting on. We’re all entitled to our respective opinions, but sometimes I just have to shake my head. Can you imagine an article on Angela Darmody, literally late of Boardwalk Empire, that ignores not only what she represents to Richard Harrow, but astonishingly, that incredible scene when he posed for her? Not including Angela’s budding relationship with Richard in a discussion of this season’s version of Boardwalk Empire is like describing the Empire State Building without mentioning that it’s located in New York City. And I read it with my own eyes online. True, anything goes online, but that’s downright ridiculous.

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