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Long Time Coming


So you thought your family get-togethers were bad. What is it with weddings on “Game of Thrones” anyway?

Ordinarily I’d wait until further on in the season to comment, but last night’s episode was one I’d been waiting for. Being semi-spoiled, I was relishing that moment when Joffrey would finally get his. The powers that be did not disappoint—the build-up and suspense were terrific, and the sense of dread overhanging the wedding banquet was enormous. I doubt we’ll ever forget the sight of Tyrion’s barely concealed rage and Sansa’s enormous pain, both in response to Joffrey’s twisted sense of fun.

Just a few more observations at this point:

Given how the banquet was filmed, it appears there are several suspects in the “Who Killed Joffrey Sweepstakes,” though odds are Tyrion isn’t one of them. There’s Olenna Tyrell, Tywin Lannister and Margaery, not to mention that old stand-by Varys, and a man burning for vengeance, Oberyn Martell. But coming from a totally non-spoiled perspective (I knew about Joffrey’s death but not whodunit), I’m putting my money on Cersei. Just her grimace each time she was referred to as the former Queen Regent is cause enough. Joffrey was no longer hers to control, and I suspect she feared he would turn on her without warning. With her younger son she can start afresh as Queen Regent without having to worry about losing her head or ending up in a dungeon.

Margaery is now a two time loser. She’s twice a widow without a consummated marriage to her credit. I wonder who grandma is going to pick out for her now?

Prediction: Roose Bolton and his bastard will get theirs, hopefully as indicated by Lady Stoneheart. And as to who or what she is, I’m not telling.

Lady Brianna in love with Jamie Lannister? Duh. I’m curious as to how this plays out because I like both characters very much.

Joffrey in action bore an uncanny resemblance to the immortal Anthony in that classic “Twlight Zone” episode (and tremendous short story by Jerome Bixby), “It’s a Good Life.” The tantrums, the sadism inflicted on a whim, the ruling over a kingdom, all responded to by the tip-toeing around and the false smiles of others. If Joffrey didn’t have a sword and crossbow, I swear he’d have been wishing his enemies away into a cornfield.

“You’re a bad man. A very bad man!”

Kudos to Jack Gleeson for creating such an unforgettably nasty piece of work. From all accounts, Mr. Gleeson is the polar opposite of the character he portrayed, and in fact, is leaving the acting profession to study for the clergy. “Game of Thrones” will miss him.

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Long Time Coming

  1. Sorry about that, I was going to say I’m going with Granny Tyrell. The expression on her face said it all as Joffrey swaggered and pricked while Cersei and Tywin smiled indulgently at his sick play. Even more interesting would be if the knight of flowers himself did it.. 🙂

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